Journal des modifications

Retrouvez l’ensemble des modifications de WP-Apidae.


Date : 19/11/2021

  • FIX admin helper js loading.
  • FIX Delete selection and refresh selections before update.


Date : 28/10/2021

  • ADD Précisions balisage for equipement entities template.
  • FIX Error when update_events_dates update logs.


Date : 28/10/2021

  • ADD WP-Rocket empty cache after update.
  • ADD new action hook while registering post terms. wp_apidae/entity_manager/set_post_terms with 2 parameters, post_id and json_object.
  • IMPROVEMENT Import Process.
  • FIX delete index selection before re-index.
  • FIX check date event.
  • CHANGE check post logs after selection process.


Date : 14/10/2021

  • ADD spacer option in template card. If set to false, don’t generate svg spacer.
  • FIX filter on static class.
  • FIX Filter for upload mimes type.
  • FIX deprecated block_categories filter.
  • FIX Image for archive.
  • FIX filter entities types not allowed before import.
  • CHANGE get entity json before deleting post informations.
  • UPDATE composer woocommerce/action-scheduler (3.2.1 => 3.3.0)


Date : 28/09/2021

  • ADD Passive to leafletGestureHandling listener. Improve Core Web Vital.
  • ADD filter for excerpt when importing entity. apidae_import_entity_descriptif_court with 2 params ( string, json object). Avoid ‘no description yet” for duplicate content.
  • ADD Show/Hide API Key.
  • FIX Singular and plural in the templates.
  • FIX order filter for entities queried by date.
  • FIX Script load for archive.
  • FIX Redirection after first API Connexion.


Date : 17/09/2021

  • ADD Type clientèle for all available post types.
  • ADD Lazyload map on archive.
  • FIX evenement generique template.
  • ADD Font size for map card H2.
  • ADD content_background to card settings. We can define a specific background color for card template.
  • FIX Error JS when map trace is active but no map define in archive gut block.
  • FIX Template for descriptif thematisé.
  • FIX Check orpan attachment during image import process.
  • REFACTORING function get_objects_in_selection
  • Composer update : Updating woocommerce/action-scheduler (3.1.6 => 3.2.1) | Updating galbar/jsonpath (1.2 => 1.3.1)


Date : 25/08/2021

  • ADD Map apparence selector in selection settings.
  • ADD pause/resume automatic sync.
  • ADD ‘apidae_id’ for rest api.
  • FIX Multimedia download. Now download kml, gpx and pdf files.
  • FIX Shortcode query.
  • BETA Template cards preview.
  • NEW First version of handling Apidae Export.


Date : 26/07/2021

  • FIX Check api status before import.


Date : 19/07/2021

  • NEW Entities block for gutenberg. Select specific entities.
  • NEW Entities category block for gutenberg. Select entities with args.
  • IMPROVEMENT of all gutenberg blocks preview in the editor.
  • ADD Developper functionnalities.
  • ADD post row action for uptating images for a Post.
  • ADD Admin function for deleting posts without selection.
  • MODIFICATION WPDAE_Image_Manager change constructor.
  • CHANGE Order posts by title for selection archive if no specific where clause.
  • REMOVE Check Post_type when remove a post. In this context, only apidae post can be removed.
  • FIX Tarifs template.
  • FIX Daterange search.
  • FIX Size fallback for cards. If apidae_archive_thumbnail format not exist, we take the medium size.
  • FIX size and sourceset image for cards.
  • FIX Ignore sticky posts for apidae selection archive list.


Date : 29/06/2021

  • NEW Update date event meta once a day.
  • ADD Filter hook to all template. We can now change the directory for each templates parts.
  • ADD Altitude moyenne and maximum to informations equipement
  • ADD Leaflet FullScreen control.
  • ADD Classement guide to restauration
  • ADD equipement activité taxonomy
  • FIX Http to Https url on multimedia from Apidae static server.
  • FIX filter hook name moyens_communication.
  • FIX template multimedia.
  • FIX CSS Archives filters
  • FIX Error unlink image file when is_wp_error.
  • FIX Flush search and filters
  • FIX Elementor render Block.
  • IMPROVE Iteneraire block. Add icon and css.
  • ENHANCE Sync selections.
  • CHANGE check draft and log post query.
  • CHANGE Only log if debug mod is active.
  • DELETE wrapper on card template.


Date : 15/06/2021

  • ADD check if a post with a same title exist and make a log alert.
  • ADD lang functionnalities to the indexer
  • ADD Prestation service and Prestation confort Taxonomies
  • ADD Term_to_icon to archive card. Show a span with a specific class for an existing term (Use Apidae ID Element reference)
  • ADD Icomoon icon for archive.
  • ADD All dates event in metadata when register an entity.
  • ADD more_ouverture to block card. Show a list of all the available dates.
  • ADD new template config. We can now defined a card template for each Post Type
  • ADD Term To Icon to card template
  • ADD More Logs when import image (temporary)
  • ADD Before and after action on related post for custom cards template.
  • ADD Type Clientele to Equipement taxonomy
  • ADD Custom Block render.
  • FIX Prefix css for Icon
  • FIX End selection import if no entities was update.
  • FIX Hooks names
  • FIX Archive block render
  • FIX order filter when ajax refresh.
  • FIX Memory limit with large selection.
  • FIX facet order for translated search
  • FIX card click after ajax filter call
  • FIX Check credentials and redirection in setup
  • FIX Exclude script and css for WP search results in front
  • FIX Orderby query.
  • REFACTORING Import image
  • ENHANCE get related post performances
  • CHANGE markup filter to details and summary.
  • CHANGE apidae_check_periode_ouverture compare.


Date : 25/05/2021

  • ADD attribute template to entities_category shortcode. We can now define a template to use for the render. ( ex : [entities_category post_type=”ad_fete_et_manifesta” limit=3 orderby=”rand” template=”lamarckii”] )
  • ADD icon attr in cards template. Generate a span with a class for adding a icon before element.
  • CHANGE Don’t use background image for cards post thumbnail anymore. Generate a figure and img.
  • FIX CSS name.
  • FIX placeholder image.
  • FIX Delete selection.


Date : 10/05/2021

  • FIX Image already downloaded but not defined as post thumbnail.


Date : 26/04/2021

  • FIX Elementor loading scripts
  • PREPARE predefined cards templates for selections archive.
  • Minors fixes.


Date : 19/04/2021

  • FIX Entity_manager load.
  • ADD Re-index to selection settings.
  • ADD Coordinates to indexer.
  • ADD query_by_distance in Search Class. We can now searching entities in a specific radius.
  • ADD Logs errors in post meta.
  • UPDATE galbar/jsonpath package.


Date : 12/04/2021

  • NEW Elementor Widget for Apidae selections.
  • ADD allowed_filters filter hook to avoid params thats was not needed for the filters and search archive.
  • ADD selection id in the filter form. We can now directly get the selection ID (WP term ID).
  • ADD selection ID in entities_archive GLOBALS.


Date : 30/03/2021

  • REFACTORING entity-manager and selections-manager
  • IMPROVEMENT Async import
  • ADD shortcode [selection_id] for render a selection with filters without Gutenberg.


Date : 24/03/2021

  • NEW Admin UI/UX


Date : 8/03/2021

  • NEW Add indexer table for faceted search.
  • NEW Add faceted search on frontend. Filters refactor.
  • ADD Delete selection for admin on backoffice.
  • ADD Indexer options on backoffice.
  • CHANGE Gutenberg call for disable filters.
  • CHANGE Gutenberg call for imported selections. Limit taxonomies to really imported.
  • FIX Term registration during import.
  • DELETE Archive_query classes.


Date : 08/02/2021

  • ADD CSS Border-box for shortcode
  • FIX Feature image delete when updating


Date : 28/01/2021

  • FIX Import file one by one to avoid char limitation of Action scheduler.
  • ADD apidae_post_thumbnail_id filter hook.
  • ADD apidae_gallery_image_ids filter hook.
  • ADD apidae_search_all_entities_args Filter hook for gutenberg archive search. You can add extra args for searching entities.
  • ADD apidae_after_resolve_content Action hook. Fire just after an entity was added or updated. Send post ID argument.
  • IMPROVEMENT Only reset WP-Apidae taxonomies when updating a post.
  • IMPROVEMENT Import Post and terms for the current locale of WordPress.
  • IMPROVEMENT Administration and wizard style.


Date : 18/01/2021

  • ADD GPX ans KML files on map on single entity.
  • ADD Import notification during import or update entities.
  • IMPROVEMENT images files names. Now use the original filename instead of Apidae ID.
  • MODIFICATION Images manager
  • NEW Multimedias manager for importing GPX and KML files
  • IMPROVEMENT schedule entities import for better performances
  • DELETE Choice of import only feature image. All images are now imported


Date : 11/01/2021

  • NEW Action hook apidae_check_actives_posts when check clean selection
  • IMPROVEMENT Image import and check images already imported.
  • IMPROVEMENT Better control on Periode Ouverture
  • IMPROVEMENT Check if remote file exist before queue
  • ADD a daily check for images
  • ADD date_limite_publication on media meta_data
  • ADD Post_author to uploaded media. By default the first administrator user. This is fixing a fatal error when viewing a media in the medias library
  • ADD meta_data visible on medias Library
  • FIX Thumbnails gallery
  • FIX Daily check_clean_selections


Date : 4/01/2021

  • FIX null result when resolving criteresInternes on apidae selection block
  • NEW filter hook apidae_enable_global_entity for injecting global entity data


Date : 18/12/2020

  • IMPROVEMENT Clean templating and css
  • IMPROVEMENT Change date comparison when updating an entity
  • NEW Force clean logs for completed actions in Actions Scheduler


Date : 14/12/2020

  • NEW Add photoSwipe as gallery generator
  • DELETE Owl Carousel


Date : 11/12/2020

  • NEW Add dates filters on mixed types for Apidae selection block
  • NEW Add options for enable css only on single or pages with Apidae selection block
  • NEW Add more logs when importing images files
  • NEW Add copyright on attachments metadata
  • FIX Add drop logs table on uninstall
  • FIX Add missing taxonomies on uninstall
  • FIX Images manager trying import empty filters


Date : 01/12/2020

  • Initial version.