Journal des modifications

Retrouvez l’ensemble des modifications de WP-Apidae.


Date : 08/02/2021

  • ADD CSS Border-box for shortcode
  • FIX Feature image delete when updating


Date : 28/01/2021

  • FIX Import file one by one to avoid char limitation of Action scheduler.
  • ADD apidae_post_thumbnail_id filter hook.
  • ADD apidae_gallery_image_ids filter hook.
  • ADD apidae_search_all_entities_args Filter hook for gutenberg archive search. You can add extra args for searching entities.
  • ADD apidae_after_resolve_content Action hook. Fire just after an entity was added or updated. Send post ID argument.
  • IMPROVEMENT Only reset WP-Apidae taxonomies when updating a post.
  • IMPROVEMENT Import Post and terms for the current locale of WordPress.
  • IMPROVEMENT Administration and wizard style.


Date : 18/01/2021

  • ADD GPX ans KML files on map on single entity.
  • ADD Import notification during import or update entities.
  • IMPROVEMENT images files names. Now use the original filename instead of Apidae ID.
  • MODIFICATION Images manager
  • NEW Multimedias manager for importing GPX and KML files
  • IMPROVEMENT schedule entities import for better performances
  • DELETE Choice of import only feature image. All images are now imported


Date : 11/01/2021

  • NEW Action hook apidae_check_actives_posts when check clean selection
  • IMPROVEMENT Image import and check images already imported.
  • IMPROVEMENT Better control on Periode Ouverture
  • IMPROVEMENT Check if remote file exist before queue
  • ADD a daily check for images
  • ADD date_limite_publication on media meta_data
  • ADD Post_author to uploaded media. By default the first administrator user. This is fixing a fatal error when viewing a media in the medias library
  • ADD meta_data visible on medias Library
  • FIX Thumbnails gallery
  • FIX Daily check_clean_selections


Date : 4/01/2021

  • FIX null result when resolving criteresInternes on apidae selection block
  • NEW filter hook apidae_enable_global_entity for injecting global entity data


Date : 18/12/2020

  • IMPROVEMENT Clean templating and css
  • IMPROVEMENT Change date comparison when updating an entity
  • NEW Force clean logs for completed actions in Actions Scheduler


Date : 14/12/2020

  • NEW Add photoSwipe as gallery generator
  • DELETE Owl Carousel


Date : 11/12/2020

  • NEW Add dates filters on mixed types for Apidae selection block
  • NEW Add options for enable css only on single or pages with Apidae selection block
  • NEW Add more logs when importing images files
  • NEW Add copyright on attachments metadata
  • FIX Add drop logs table on uninstall
  • FIX Add missing taxonomies on uninstall
  • FIX Images manager trying import empty filters


Date : 1/12/2020

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